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Introduction to Lab Group International Co., Ltd

In 1998, Lab Group International Vietnam Co., Ltd - a foreign fully-owned company was established at 146 An Binh, Ward 7, District 5, HCMC. Our fist project is Medical Diag Center and a general consultation room. The laboratory and medical diagnosis center meet all the demand for biochemical, hematology, immunology, microbiology tests… with the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology in international standards: biochemistry immune analysis system COBAS 6000 c501 & 601 (Roche), COBAS 6000 e601 & e601 (Roche), Architect i2000SR (Abbott), IMMULITE 1000 (Siemens); hematology analyzer XT-1800i (Sysmex); Sysmex UF-1000i™ Automated Urine Particle Analyzer; Phadia 100 Immunoassay Analyzers (Thermo)…

We always adhere strictly to defined quality control procedures and international standards. In 2015, Laboratory of Medical Diag Center was honored to be the first unit in HCMC obtaining the Certificate of ISO 15189:2012 for medical laboratory issued by Bureau of Accreditation (BoA) – Ministry of Science and Technology. 

In 2013, our second project – a polyclinic was opened in the center of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. With 9 specialities: general medicine, ear - nose – throat, dento-maxillo-facial department, diagnostic imaging department, obstetrics & gynecology, ophthalmology, department of surgery and dermatology… Medical Diag Center Polyclinic offers a full range of care services, health care and treatment according to customer requirements. With the authorization of The Health Service of Ho Chi Minh City, our company has performed the periodic health examination for individual customers and corporate clients based on the Circular No. 14/2013-BYT.

All medical professionals and staff of Lab Group International Vietnam Co., Ltd constantly strive to improve and promote quality of our healthcare services.With the advantage of the French years-experienced doctors, we always update the knowledge and the latest medical technology from France and the world.

We aim to become your friendly and trustworthy partner to the best care for your health and your loved ones. In addition our aims to provide premium service quality, we are always trying to establish friendly and joyful atmosphere for you.

Please visit us to experience our health care services in international standards with the most reasonable cost.

Doctor Team

With a team of our French-Vietnamese years-experienced doctors and France-based trained technicians and nurses, certainly we will provide you the best health care service.


MEDICAL DIAG CENTER is one of the largest laboratory medical diagnostic center in Vietnam at present. With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology in international standards, we will provide you a fast, accurate, reliable and cost-effective health care service to support maximum screening as well as diagnosis of diseases:


Cobas P512 and P471

Origin: Germany
Pre-analytical system by Roche

COBAS 6000 (c501 & e601 & e601)

Origin: Japan
High-end system integrating both test systems of biochemistry and immunology

COBAS 6000 (c501 & e601)

Origin: Japan
Automatic immunochemical analyzer


Origin: Japan
HBA1c Adam

COBAS c311

Origin: Switzerland
Biochemistry tests, Capacity: 300 tests/h, 86 types of tests of biochemistry and electrolytes

Phadia 100

Origin: Switzland
Allergy and autoimmunity testing

Sysmex XN 550

Origin: Japan
Fully automated 5-part differential haematology analyser.

Cobas ampliPrep

Origin: USA
Biomolecular analyzer by Roche
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Modern Blood Sampling Method

In Medical Diag Center clinic, we use modern method of blood sampling by vacutainers, known as vacuum blood collection sets.
It is rarely used due to expensiveness. In comparison with traditional method of blood drawn by syringes, vacutainer blood collection has advantages such as:
   ✓ Drawing blood directly into vacuum tubes (blood will not expose to the air).
   ✓ Inserting needle into your vein only one time.
   ✓ Automatically drawing a correct amount of blood needed. Quality of blood drawing is ensured because blood will be exposed immediately with additives in the tubes. (In blood drawing by syringe, manipulation must be used therefore it hurts more)
   ✓ Free of painful for you. Safety for technicians and nurses.
   ✓ The rate of mix of additives and blood will have high accuracy because blood is taken in exact amount.
   ✓ Minimizing the harmful risks for blood cells (erythrocytes)
   ✓ Shortening the time of pre-analysis step and increasing health care performance.